(Please note: All of these recipes are 100% gluten-free, 100% guilt-free, and 100% delicious)



  1. Hi. Your dad told me about you and mentioned some fabulous cookies that you have brought to his workplace...but he said they didn't have almond flour. Any idea which ones he was talking about? He raved about them. :)
    Can you leave a response on here? Thanks

    1. Hi there! I'm thinking he was referring to a cookie that my sister actually makes (more like a raw macaroon) that is to die for! It has been the rave in our family lately. ;) I'm hoping to post the recipe on here in the near future though! In the meantime, if you're wanting to avoid almond flour, you might enjoy the Flour-less Peanut Butter Cookies or Pecan Sandies; but if you're needing it to be nut free, the Sunbutter Cookies are especially yummy! If you're strictly wanting a coconut cookie, check out elanaspantry.com for some good ones. Let me know if I can help you further.